We have been supplying high-quality products and technical service to garment and gloving leather producers in China, Turkey and India for many years. Seaton has accumulated deep and long experience in garment leather processing and is able to provide state-of-the-art specialty products together with the latest application techniques and fashion trends in this sector.


Over the years, we have acquired a deep know-how in the processing of  shoe-upper leathers of all types. Seaton is able to draw on its resources located in Santa Croce, Italy in order to provide its global customers with the latest Italian trends in both articles and techniques. Our carefully-focused product range and superior service has spearheaded Seaton’s highly successful penetration of this sector, especially in the Chinese market.


We have become front-runners in the processing of handbag leathers especially when it comes to offering the current fashion trends and techniques from the Italian market. Our resources located in Santa Croce, Italy enable us to provide the very latest finishing processes and products for the manufacture of high quality, luxury handbag leathers. Seaton waxes are renowned for enabling the creation of unique burnish and dark polish effects.


Seaton has developed a comprehensive range of products with high benefit-to-cost ratios which are especially suited to this high volume and price-sensitive sector. These targeted products together with our deep know-how of the latest application techniques enable us to offer our customers an unbeatable combination of performance and economy.


Seaton has spent years to establish expert know-how in the field of fur dressing and woolskin processing. Specially developed products and up-to-date knowledge of the latest processing techniques ensure that Seaton is your reliable partner in this luxury sector.