In the last 12 years since starting in the UK, Seaton has established a solid infrastructure in and around Guangdong Province, China. The company now maintains a production facility, in Nanxiong, a Technical Service Centre in Panyu, and a Sales Office in Hong Kong. We are currently continuing our investment in infrastructure with the addition of a new R&D Centre in Nanxiong.


With the addition of the new factory in Nanxiong, Seaton currently has a production capacity of 30,000 Tons. The modular design of the factory also allows for more production capacity to be added quickly and cost-effectively.

150 Employees


Seaton currently employs about 150 dedicated staff in functions ranging from Production to R&D, Administration to Finance and from Technical Service to Customer Service to Sales. The company currently engages approximately 25 leather technicians who play an indispensable role in supporting our customers with professional and expert technical service.

12 Years


Seaton was born in England shortly after the start of the new millennium. The company founders initially established production in the UK but within two years, due to unexpectedly strong sales in the Chinese market, we were soon looking for production possibilities in China. Since 2010, we have been steadily investing in a strong infrastructure in Guangdong province, southern China. We recently established a brand new, state-of-the-art production plant in Nanxiong and fully-equipped application facilities in Panyu.

Product Range

Seaton currently has around 350 products in the leather chemicals range covering the four major product lines of Finishing, Retannage, Beamhouse and Fur. This comprehensive product range allows us to fully serve customers working in nearly all the leather sectors, from shoe upper and handbag leather producers to garment and sofa article makers.

25 Product Groups


At Seaton, we have accumulated a deep-rooted know-how in the production of all types of leather process chemicals. We have developed and are selling products in twenty-five quite different product groups from polymer dispersions and wax emulsions in the Finishing to fatliquors and syntans in the Retannage to soaking and liming agents in the Beamhouse.