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Nanxiong Factory

  • Complex of 10 buildings covering 60 acres
  • Located in Northern Guangzhou province.
  • Capacity of 20,000 Tons per year (phase 1).
  • Production of polymer finishing binders, fatliquors and retanning syntans.

R&D Centre

  • New, purpose-built facility at Nanxiong site.
  • Opening in 2106.
  • R&D team comprising International and Local staff.
  • R&D capabilities in Leather, Textile and Industrial Wax Emulsions fields.


  • Seaton is continuously investing in new equipment in order to keep up with increasing market demand and to acquire the capability to produce new products.
  • Our core strength is our expertise in emulsion and emulsion polymerization technology.

Nanxiong Seaton Factory

Location: Nanxiong, near Shaoguan, Northern Guangdong

Area: 60 Acres

Capacity: 20,000 Tons (Phase 1)


Workshop 1

  • Large scale complex emulsion polymerization processes.
  • Acrylic binder production
  • Polyurethane dispersion production
  • Fatliquor production


Workshop 2

  • Small scale emulsification processes
  • NC emulsion lacquer production


R&D Centre

  • The R&D team will move to the new R&D Centre when it opens in in 2016.



  • Purpose-built warehousing facilities to accommodate raw materials and finished goods both dangerous and non-dangerous goods.



  • All waste streams and effluents from the plant are fully treated in the on-site Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) before being discharged to the local authority.