Quality Management

Seaton is committed to Quality Management. All departments are required to comply with our robust Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which govern all aspects of our operations. As far as consistent product quality is concerned, relax with complete peace of mind when treating your leather with Seaton Chemicals.

Quality Control

Each and every batch of Seaton Chemicals is thoroughly tested to ensure compliance with specification in our QC labs located at each of our production sites. Our quality is the cornerstone of our commitment to our customers and we ensure that no batch leaves the production without a clear “pass” from QC .

ISO Certification

Seaton is committed to Quality Management and to achieving ISO 9001.2008 certification for all of its global operations. In the latest project, our new Nanxiong Seaton factory is projected to achieve ISO certification within 2016. We plan to initiate a follow-on project to achieve ISO 14001 certification as soon as ISO 9001.2008 has been secured.


We at Seaton accept our environmental responsibility related to manufacturing, distribution and use of the company’s products. We will continue to implement initiatives in our factories that improve the internal and external environment, at the same time as we continue to select environmentally-friendly raw materials. A sustainable manufacture of high-quality products will also in future be an objective in the development of our company.

Core Values

  • Seaton shall appear as an environmentally-friendly enterprise. Our products shall cause the least possible impact on the environment.
  • Seaton has the objective of keeping the health risk in the workplaces to a minimum.
  • Seaton invests to avoid damage to the environment and injuries to health.
  • Seaton has as its long-term objective the development of environmental practises as a means to achieve competitive advantage in the market place.

Restricted Substances

  • We take the subject of Banned and Restricted Substances very seriously and we acknowledge our responsibility to ensure that all products supplied by our company are free of Banned and Restricted Substances.
  • We monitor content of Banned and Restricted Substances in our sales products and we will not knowingly supply any products under the Seaton brand and trade names if we are aware that they contain any trace of these chemical substances.
  • In the case that we do become aware that one or more of our products contain traces of any Banned and Restricted Substances , we will inform all affected customers immediately.
  • We check carefully that our suppliers of raw materials, intermediates and finished goods are also aware of the same Banned and Restricted Substance issues and we ensure that they make similar confirmations to our company as we hereby make to our customers.