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We fully understand that our customers need to have confidence in our supply chain if we expect them to choose our products. That’s why we have established an integrated system of infrastructure and systems comprising production, warehousing, logistics and procedures. This system is designed to optimize our delivery efficiency and minimize instances of supply interruptions.


In production, we start with a sophisticated forecasting system and advanced production planning procedures.

These systems take data received from customer order forecasts and raw material supply inputs and combine it with optimum batch sizes and vessel availability in order to ensure that we produce the right quantity of the right product at the right time.


We realize that no production planning system, however sophisticated, is perfect so we also build safety margins into our product supply systems. For this reason, we keep sufficient stock of both raw materials and finished goods in our own warehouses to ensure that we can address sudden increases in demand from our customers.


Seaton relies on both in-house delivery capability and on dependable third party transport service suppliers to ensure that we can move our goods to our customers with the shortest possible transit times. Our trained logistics personnel are highly experienced in arranging goods delivery to all destinations in China and overseas.