Emulsion Polymerization

We are experts in Emulsion Technology and Emulsion Polymerization. These are complex technologies which we employ to produce a variety of emulsions and polymer dispersions. These products then find application both in the leather finishing and the wet-end processes.

The know-how and experience we apply during these emulsification and polymerization processes are critical for the problem-free manufacture and the post-polymerization stabilization and determine the product performance in application.

Polymer Dispersions

Seaton has many years of accumulated experience in the manufacture of polymer dispersions which find application in the leather industry. We produce polymer dispersions for finishing based on both aliphatic and aromatic polyurethanes and we specialize in the fine PUDs used in the manufacture of soft, full grain leathers. We are also experts in the production of polyacrylate based polymer dispersions which are applied both in the finishing and the wet-end processes of leather-making.

Wax Emulsions

Seaton has become famous for the production of a fine range of specialty effect waxes which are used predominantly in the finishing of fashionable shoe and handbag leathers . Our R&D experts have become highly-experienced in melding our advanced emulsification systems with unique combinations of natural and synthetic waxes. The resulting specialized wax emulsions enable our customers to create hundreds of subtly different, value-adding wax effects on their leathers.


Seaton has years of experience in the development and manufacture of leather fatliquors. Our deep experience in this field encompasses products based on both natural and synthetic oils and waxes. Our specially-designed emulsification systems allow us to create products with just the right amount of stability. This controlled degree of stability is critical in enabling our customers to fix the lubricants just where they want to in the leather. This gives them total control over the softness and springiness characteristics which they want to achieve in their leathers.